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Is Your Brand Ready for the Next Level?

Your community is waiting for You to

show up & show out!!

⏰ ⏰ ⏰

WOW! you’ve been under a sleeping spell and it’s time to wake up.

Don’t feel ashamed…even Harriet Tubman had a case of narcolepsy.
I’m not speaking that on you, but I’m saying even if you were sleeping on yourself due to sleeping spells, you would still have no excuse…

Let’s face it…

Just like Harriet, you have an assignment to complete here on earth. Attempting to do all the things half heartedly or unconsciously leads to a burnout or a breakdown.

….your legacy does not have time for that.

We are breaking generational curses and elevating the culture around here.

We see your gift and we commend your hustle!

But we see it all the time…

We recognize what it looks like when you have outgrown your platform and are ready for an upgrade.

At Marketing Monroe we provide the management support your brand needs to execute your marketing plan.

…it’s time to grow your team with your new Brand Manager

How do you know if you need a brand manager? Get the download to find out

The 5 Things to Know Before Hiring Your Brand Manager

 Digital Marketing Agency Atlanta

We help local businesses owners stay connected

1-Stop Campaign Management For Your Brand





At Marketing Monroe, we help local business owners make a solid impact online.

It is our mission to help business owners emerge as industry leaders with a cohesive and consistent online presence that never sleeps on their reach.


What’s Next?

1. Book Your Consultation

First, click the START HERE menu link to book your consultation.

2. Check Your Email

Second, you will receive a confirmation email and text with your appointment info.
Be sure to check your spam folder if it’s not in your main inbox.


3. Answer Your Phone

Third, be fully present for your consultation with a clear idea of what you intend to execute for your brand. (You should know the what. Your consultation delivers the HOW).

4. Kickoff Your Campaign

Finally, join the roster of valued Marketing Monroe clients being positioned for greatness

Don’t keep your customers waiting forever to meet you…



Consultations are non-refundable. If you choose to proceed beyond the consultation with done-for-you services, your consultation payment is credited towards your remaining balance.

Select a service below to learn more about booking with Marketing Monroe.

Marketing Monroe 1-on-1 Discovery Call: FREE

1-on-1 Discovery Call: FREE

Don’t know? Start here. No commitment required. For new clients or new business ventures only.
Monthly Marketing Consultation: $300

Monthly Marketing Consultation: $297

Marketing Monroe Media Day Consultation: $500

Media Day Consultation: $497

Marketing Monroe Web Development Consultation: $199

Web Development Consultation: $297

Marketing Monroe Logo Branding Consultation: $99

Logo Branding Consultation: $197

Marketing Monroe Merch Design Consultation: $49

Graphic Design Consultation: $197

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