Situation Analysis

A.M.E.E. Event Planning’s owner, Desireé Swiney, contacted us immediately after we launched the Creole Orleans Catering website in Fall of 2019. Desireé was blown away by the level of professionalism and brand identity that was established through their website and desired the same upgrade for her own brand. During her Website Development Consultation, Desireé voiced the importance of her digital presence to be luxurious and captivating for her 10-year business anniversary. She was ready for a complete overhaul except for the fact that she wanted to keep her initial logo. [Challenge Accepted]

Results Delivered

After 10 years in business, Desireé’s logo had already been established as a key brand identifier. We just needed to update the files to give the brand variation and depth. During this process, we developed a new alternate logo by incorporating a gold swoosh into the design. We also designed a logo mark with the business acronym expanded and encircling the original logo for a new concept. The golden swoosh mentioned earlier was also included as a stand alone brand element to be included as a separate brand identifier for consistency across the board.

We ditched the dated template website provided by a business card company and securely moved her domain (which was hosted by another 3rd party) to our host so she could house her site, domain, and business email all in one place.

Next with our Premium Website Brand & Build project, we transformed her site into a full-color, fullscreen website that was full of personality and allowed her to include online booking, easy navigation to social media, regularly updated photo galleries, and blog content to recap her events and drive traffic to both affiliate and onsite merchandise.

Once her site provided the professional level-up, Desireé has stayed on our client roster for all things brand design because she values our ability to pick up on any brand design request and deliver on brand cohesion no matter the assignment.