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Have your sales been negatively impacted by the global pandemic?

Are you embarrassed to share your website with others?

Are you solely relying on social media to make sales?

Are you still processing your transactions manually?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions…

…perhaps it’s time to hire your Brand Marketing Manager


How do you know if you’re ready for a Marketing Manager? Get the download to find out…

5 Things to Know Before Hiring a Brand Marketing Manager

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Marketing Monroe provides brand management services to businesses that rely on the local community

How Do We Help You?

1. Online Brand Activation

Your customers are searching for you online and how you show up is how you’re remembered.

We make sure your brand online matches the value and quality of work that you do offline.

2. Video Content Curation

Your story doesn’t need to be told or sold, we
help your story become an experience.  

We help your brand send out consistent ripples of video content that develops into your new wave of sharing your authentic story.

Video Storytelling

Ads & Awareness

Reviews & Reputation

Authority & Positioning

At Marketing Monroe, we help local businesses stay connected virtually with video content curation and brand marketing management.

It is our mission to help seasoned local business owners increase your online brand awareness and position you as the authority in your field.

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